The WibblyTim Site - Contacts Database

Contacts Database is a small application that builds on the example address book application that comes packaged with Lazarus. This version has an altered database structure and allows the user to print either the current record or all of the database records.

There are two versions

1) Contacts makes use of the TDBF component and also the LazReport components.

2) SqliteContacts makes use of the SQLite component from the SQLDB pallette and the LazReport components.

The Linux versions of both applications come as two seperate downloadable files. The executable binary, in .tar.gz format and the source code also in .tar.gz format.

Please note: You will need to install the LazReport and Jujiboutils packages to Lazarus in order to compile the application.

Version 2 - TDBF Contacts.

Downloads available

Version 2 - SQLite Contacts.

Downloads available

Version 1 of Contacts is still available

Please note - The source code may not compile properly with recent versions of Lazarus.